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US top choice for Indian students.

The United States has reclaimed its top spot as the most sought-after study abroad destination among Indian students, according to a survey by upGrad, reports the Economic Times.

In the survey conducted by upGrad Study Abroad, the US emerged as the top choice for 18.84% of the 1,000 respondents from over 200 cities across India. Canada, which topped the list last year, came in second at 17.85%, followed by Germany at 13.21% and the United Kingdom at 11.34%.

The US stood out for it quality education and job prospects, while Canada was favored for its permanent residency policies and a strong higher education system, the report shares.

Around 45% of the aspirants shared their willingness to explore countries like Poland, Taiwan, Belarus, and South Africa for studies abroad. Accommodative visa rules and PR processes, and visa rejections from more conventional choices are some reasons why these new destinations are gaining traction, shares upGrad Abroad’s President Ankur Dhawan.